How many hospitals are affiliated with Brookwood Baptist Health? Brookwood Baptist Health (BBH) operates 5 hospitals in north central Alabama; Brookwood Baptist and Princeton Baptist located in Birmingham, Shelby Baptist in Alabaster, Walker Baptist in Jasper and Citizens Baptist in Talladega. In addition to the five hospital campuses, BBH is also affiliated with more than 70 Primary & Specialty Care Networks in various locations in north central Alabama. These locations include a variety of physician specialties. 

How many beds does Brookwood Baptist Health operate? Among the five campuses, there are 1,753 beds, with hospitals ranging in size from 122 to 607 beds.

How many physicians are on staff at Brookwood Baptist Health? There are more than 1,140 active members of BBH hospital medical staffs combined.

What opportunities are available at Brookwood Baptist Health? Current practice opportunities can be found on the "Practice Opportunities" page.

I still have questions, who can help me? Marina Bartoletti ( would be glad to assist you with more information about our recruitment opportunities.